Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Racing against time the developers...CaseFile (OSX)

Racing against time the developers knew that the entire IC was watching, constantly refreshing the Paterva blog and Twitter feed for news of the CaseFile (beta) OSX release. With blood running from their raw fingertips they put the final touches on the DMG package and SCP-ed it across the intertubes to the Paterva website. It took a while to get there but when the upload finally finished there was a sense of achievement  and accomplishment around the office. The devs looked at each other, their eyes still wide from the adrenaline rush of putting out yet another release.

Tomorrow they will back at their desks again, changing the world of intelligence gathering one line of code at a time.

You can play/look at/use their work by simply clicking on the link below:
[Maltego CaseFile (beta) build 1950 DMG]

Monday, November 28, 2011

More details about Maltego CaseFile and Maltego 3.1

So far we've had very positive feedback on [Maltego CaseFile]. We've had the same questions from various people and I've decided to put the answers here on the blog:

Q: Will CaseFile be available for OSX and Linux?
A: Yes. We will have an OSX version very soon - hopefully within this week. Like the Win version, it's still beta. If there is enough interest in a Linux version (beta) we'll put one together.

Q: When is the official release of CaseFile?
A: Hopefully early in 2012.

Q: Will Maltego 3.1 have the same features as CaseFile?
A: Yes, and if you have a license you get a free upgrade from 3.0.4 to 3.1. Out of the box Maltego 3.1 will not come with all the CaseFile entities, but you will be able to export them from CF to 3.1 as you need them. You will be able to open CF graphs in 3.1 and use transforms on CF entities as always.

Q: What do you mean CaseFile will be"almost free"?
A: We will sell CaseFile for around $200 per copy - perhaps in batches of 5. If you are a corporation or an organization that use CaseFile for commercial reasons you should buy licenses. If not - you are welcome to use the community edition free of charge. The only difference will be the background. We believe people will do the right thing and support us.

Q: Will there be a Maltego 3.1 community edition?
A: Yes - we normally release community editions a few weeks after the commercial edition.

We are also working on Maltego 4.0 - people that saw the 44Con talk in London would know what it's all about. 4.0 will change the way you think about information forever...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Maltego CaseFile Beta released

We are proudly releasing Maltego CaseFile Beta today. Yup - after some time we feel CaseFile is ready to see the light. And best of all - it's free - no registration, no silly forms or CAPTCHAs - just download and go.

CaseFile is aimed at analysts that do not necessarily use open sources of intelligence (or even the Internet for that matter). Think of it as Maltego without transforms but with tons of new features. Adding/attaching photos, documents and annotations to nodes, graph merging, better integration with browsers, passwords on graphs, and tons of new useful entities - and this is just a few of the goodies we've added into CaseFile.

To get a better idea of what CaseFile is and where it fits in with Maltego (as well as our future plans with it) we've made a 10 minute demo video on it - here you can see features explained and demonstrated in real time:

The download links for CaseFile beta:
[ 32 bit (with JRE) ]
[ 64 bit (with JRE) ]

Let us know what you think of CaseFile Beta- we're very curious!

Monday, November 14, 2011

New Maltego video (SQL DB integration), new web front page

We've made another video - yes I know we said we'll stop at five, but we've realized that we never ever showed anyone our [SQLTAS] (blame it on the lack of salesman genes). So - just before our year end function Andrew and I whipped up another video. We shot it here in the office and it deals with hooking Maltego onto SQL databases. It's added to the [Youtube playlist] as video 6.

We've also changed the front page of [our website] - it now shows some stills from the videos and I think it looks rather nice. We are thinking of putting all of the videos (in yummy 720p) on a DVD that we'll give away for free (minus cost). We noticed that many of our clients don't have Internet access at work....;) If you are interested in this [let us know].

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We're doing 91% fine thanks - Sectools & Blackhat

We don't get out much. In our line of business we rarely get to speak to people face to face (expect when we train). To determine if your business is doing OK you look at comments from people - on Twitter, forums, in mailing lists or direct email. You look at number of downloads, number of licenses sold. You look at the number of pageviews on your website and this blog. Every now and then a number comes along that's just a little bit more important.


The [SecTools Top 125 tools] is like the Oscars for security tools. Right - everyone knows that it's impossible and unfair to compare the [traceroute command] (21) to [Google] (26) or [VMware] (43) to [Python] (23), but this list is a start. It's an indication. The the survey ran in 2000, 2003, 2006 and now in 2011 (unless I missed one?).

So how did we do?

In a nutshell - pretty OK. Overall [Maltego] made number 34 (of 125). If this was an exam we'd have 72.8%. We were voted nr. 1 in the [Forensics] category - and while this is great I am sure the hard core forensics guys have their own list that they keep somewhere. What's really awesome is that we're nr. 4 of all [new tools] - and there are 49 new tools in the list (91.8%). A new tool means it was released since the [last run] - which was in 2006. Being nr. 4 in security tools released in the last five years - that's something we're really proud of. Especially when you think that Maltego is not a dedicated security tool! (I guess neither is Python, Google, VMware or traceroute...;)

Fyodor - thanks for putting this together. I am sure it's a ton of work. 

BlackHat Vegas training 2011 - feedback.

Another hard, real number is the BlackHat (Vegas) training feedback. We got ours yesterday. Keep in mind that we did two classes and on day one of the first session the hotel internet connection was dead. Someone wrote "Paterva was great. Not having Net for the first day was annoying". Some of our session two students wrote "Roelof and Andrew were superb! It was obvious to everyone in the class how well prepared they were." and "Very well done; very personal and good hands-on pracs.".

Our average score for the two sessions combined?  
91.22% YEAAH!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Extending Maltego - video tutorial nr 5.

After being almost hit by Highveld lightning we've decided to call it quits on making more Maltego videos for now. But we did produce a final one for 2011 - it's all about extending Maltego with your own custom entities and transforms. Having the patience of a saint Andrew will explain to you exactly how it's done - in 15 minutes.

The link to the video is [here] or you can click below:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Maltego Casefile - icons finally here!

Our icons arrived this week. This is gooood news - it means we can release the beta of CaseFile very soon - probably this coming week.

Here is a screenshot of what's to expect - we haven't properly named the entities yet but you'll get the idea. There are 61 new icons - most of them related to Law Enforcement.

Watch this space!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Maltego and social networks [video tutorial nr.4]

We've made another tutorial video - this time showing how Maltego can be used to link infrastructure and people. For social network resolving we're using [SocialNet from PacketNinjas].

Personally I am way pleased with the way the intro and extro (is that even a word?) came out. It was taken in a pretty large open room, so there's a bit of echo, but if you use headphones it should be fine.

Video is [here], or click below:

We've made these videos to show you how we use Maltego - hopefully it would be useful to you. Let us know!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Using Socialnet + Maltego to visualize social sphere of influence.

Used Socialnet to visual my Facebook friends (plus second order) in Maltego. Interesting that you can group people purely on their location in the graph - in organic view. Click on the picture above to enlarge, and you'll see what I mean!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Maltego Video Tutorials

Hi guys,

We have seen a great number of Maltego videos coming out in the last few months and we have been really impressed with some of things you guys are doing. As such we have decided to create some of our own to help people better use and understand the tool!

We originally thought we could do this via the userguide section on our website - www.paterva.com/web5/documentation/userguide.php. However, we have still seen a number of users struggling with the basics (in videos, writeups as well as email) and we really want to get everyone past these stumbling blocks and onto the true power of Maltego.

We have had a whole week of making videos (which is a pain since one of us has to be in a video and the other one has to edit them all!). Thus we present to you under a shower of rainbows and unicorns our 3 latest Maltego videos. Each one of the videos deals with teaching some aspects of the tool and also gives an interesting sample case.

Sit back and enjoy the videos

  1. Mapping Google websites to find the odd-ones-out:

    In this video we show how to start Maltego, create a new graph, graph navigation, selecting nodes and running transforms. We also show how to use different views

  2. Quickly Identifying some of Sony's netblocks:

    In this video we show how to use sets of transforms, basic footprinting techniques, transform settings and using the detail view. We also discuss one of the transforms in more detail.

  3. Finding links between data stored in CSV files (airodump)

    In this video we show you how to import data from CSV and XLS files and create graphs directly from it. We've used data mined with Airodump in this tutorial.

With the power of Grayskull
-AM && RT

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Importing data into Maltego

@Viss - you make us sad bears with your question on importing. So I decided to make a quick blog post on how to get data into Maltego.

The right way (import)
The commercial version of Maltego has support for visualizing spreadsheets. You can also use this to simple import a single column of data. Let's say you want to import only names. Then it goes a little like so:

Click on the picture above to see what's actually going on. Importing data this way seems like a lot of effort, but it's really useful. Why? Because it allows you to import multiple columns and make a real graph. Imagine you had phone numbers as well - then you could easily end up with this (skipping the boring bits):

You can "chain" any number of nodes together - in this case we've only used two.

The quick way

You can import entities into Maltego (also in the community edition) by copy and pasting it from text. Usually Maltego does a great job of figuring out what it is that you are pasting - but you can force the entity type by pre-pending it in the actual text. Check this out:

Of course, this does not give you the ability to actually create graphs - it just imports the nodes. But...wait..that's what you wanted right?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Maltego CaseFile - real soon now...

By now you should know that when we show splash screens here on the blog we are way close to a release. This is true for CaseFile too. We are basically waiting on the icon guys and the fixing of small (mostly cosmetic) bugs - and then we'll release. Watch this space, because the next post will be all about CaseFile.

Crisp out,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Think bookmarks, annotations, attachments. Merging graphs. Soon.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Maltego Update Pack!


I know it really has been a while since we last updated anything or made a new blogpost (almost a month!) but things really have been crazy around here! Roelof has been away at 44con and should be making his way to the airport as you read this. It seems to have gone phenomenally well with one of the attendee's referring to him as 44con's "blue eyed boy". Additionally the guys over at Pinkmatter are frantically working on the new releases (3.1, CaseFile and the 4.0 branch!). Those of you lucky enough to attend 44con got to see the sneak peak of 4.0 and our ideas for it. Those of you not lucky enough will have to wait until Roelof decides its time for another video :)

But on with the updates! We have been slowly pushing transforms to the commercial and community users, however today we are unleashing all 50 (yes, 50) transforms! And as we speak I am uploading a document that covers the majority of them. All of them were developed using the TDS ( https://www.paterva.com/web5/TDS/index.php ). Feel free to develop some of your own - it's really easy!

The new transforms deal with things like Images, EXIF, GPS co-ordinates and Aliases, and as such you will need new entities so that you can use these types of information within Maltego. I've split it into two sections (I see we now blog with sections!), the quick way for people who know how to import entities already, and the long way which goes into a bit more detail (read pictures).

The quick way
  • Download the entity pack (www.paterva.com/UpdatePack/MaltegoUpdatePackEntities.mtz )
  • Manage Tab -> Import Entities -> locate file above
  • Next-> Next -> Finish

The long way

  • Download the entity pack (www.paterva.com/UpdatePack/MaltegoUpdatePackEntities.mtz )- It's a .mtz file, save it somewhere you can get to
  • Within Maltego click on the "Manage" tab at the top
  • Click on Import Entities
  • Select the file from the wizard and click Next
  • Check the entities checkbox and click Finish

1. Click on the Manage Tab

2. Click on Import Entities

3. Select the file you downloaded earlier and click Next

4. Check the entities checkbox and click Next

5. Click finish and enjoy!

At this stage you should now have new entities in the Palette on the left, as seen below:

Now that we have the entities setup, lets get some new transforms!

Discovering new Transforms

I didn't split this into sections as this is relatively quick and painless
  • Under the manage tab again, click Discover transforms
  • Click next through the wizard and enjoy your new transforms!
You should now have all whopping 50 transforms!

Some of my favourites
  • IPAddress to Wiki Edits - Shows what wikipedia pages specific IP addresses modified
  • Alias to Facebook Affliation - Use an alias found else where (say myspace) or added yourself to find out if there is a facebook affiliation with the same vanity URL!
  • To Exif Information - Useful when used in conjunction with twitpic to determine locations, devices and other information about targets
  • To Location GeoCode - Used to take GPS co-ordinates to a specific address


Its definitely worthwhile however to read the documentation describing most of the new transforms, its a big download (24mb!), but definitely worth it!

Get the documentation here: http://www.paterva.com/UpdatePack/Maltego3TDSTransformGuideAM.pdf


While we have done our utmost to test these transforms, please let us know if any don't work as advertised and we will try and get it fixed as quickly as possible.

"The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style? "

Monday, August 15, 2011

And we're back...

After a bit of a struggle to regain control of this blog (think Google account issues..:|) we're back on track.

We came back some days ago from Las Vegas where we've trained on Maltego. It was great fun - expect for the very first day when our Internet connection went down. Attached is a photo of our training poster. We desperately wanted to take the poster back to South Africa, but we forgot. Hmm..I wonder why. You can also see a short video I made of the prep, training and parties [here].

But Vegas is done and dusted. Next up is [44Con] and then [SANS]. Both in London. We're really looking forward to it. Speaking of forward - here are some tentative schedules for new Maltego releases.

Maltego 3.1 - Releasing soon after 44Con. Think Octoberish. TONS of new features. I'll make a separate post for it when we're closer to the time. Note that this is a major release - it's not 3.0.5. The 3.1 release will be the first step to take us to version 4.0.

Also - in our weeks of silence we've build around 50 new transforms. Yea - 50. They deal with things like images, GPS coordinates, more social networks and aliases. And we'll be showing how these work and be releasing these to the commercial and community server at 44Con...and...Maltego 3.1 will have a couple of new default entities.

Maltego CaseFile - as promised before, we are releasing a Maltego version that is transform free. This will be released at the same time as 3.1, or very close to it. Our German friends are hard at work at creating our entity icons (around 65 in total). This version of Maltego will be specifically useful for Intelligence Analysts that work with internal (or self created) data.

Maltego 4.0. No date set, we are taking it one release at a time. But we're already developing some of the core tech needed for it. If you want to see what cool concepts we'll have in 4.0 come see the talk at 44Con. I'll be demo-ing some of it. No really, it's a game changer.

We'll be keeping the blog updated as we go along - so check in regularly.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maltego 304 CE is out!

Hey ladies,

First off, happy Easter and all that, hope you have a great holiday :)

Onwards to 88mph! Maltego CE has finally been updated to be almost in sync with the commercial version, which means you get most of the tasty treats we put into the paid-for version for free! Think manual linking, link labels, copying to new graphs and all the updates you may have read on the blog.

But wait, if you phone within the next 15 minutes there is more! We also _FINALLY_ have an OSX version for Maltego Community Edition - now all your shiny Mac's can have shiny free Maltego's! (Not for commercial use, restrictions apply, one copy per customer, discount coupons do not apply, subject to in-store activation, cannot be used with free minutes, Void if modified, copied, reproduced, transferred, purchased.)

We have also created a Facebook page where we can have some fun, maybe sneak out beta releases (like we did for this one) and interact a bit more with the community. Please like our page and be our friend (we get lonely too!) - [Maltego Facebook Page].

As per normal the link is over at [http://www.paterva.com/web5/client/download.php]

Live long and prosper,

Monday, April 18, 2011

Maltego CE (3.0.4) soon - for BT5 and OSX too!

How many people have downloaded, installed and registered the community edition of Maltego? Let's take a peek:

| count(*) |
| 29197 |

And that's from July 2010 - which is ... more than 100 activations PER DAY.

We saw this number a couple of days ago for the first time and we were blown away. Based on it we decided to update the Maltego Community Edition and we're in the final stage of testing it. It will update the CE version to the latest commercial edition - that's 3.0.4. It means you get to play with almost all of the commercial features and bug fixes that we've made (that's 4 releases worth of goodness). Expect *massive* speed increase, support for large graphs, manual linking, link labels, tons of bug fixes etc. As as always you can load and save graphs, create and share your own entities and use our [TDS] to code and share your own transforms.

Also just some minutes ago we chained the Social Media and Infrastructure seed to the main CTAS seed - so if you rediscover transforms you get to play with many more transforms. BTW - the new version of Maltego will check periodically for new transforms - so you never have to manually do that again.

This release will also be hooked into Backtrack 5 that's released soon (we hear). Even better - we have a OSX Community Edition as well!

So, just hang in there - lots of goodies en route.

PS: the splash screen for Maltego in Backtrack looks like this:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Maltego 3.0.4 Update 1

Hey guys,

We noticed there are a few bugs in the last update and our superstar dev team managed to quickly resolve so feel free to pull the latest release.

Changes (since rev1409):
  • Correctly assign category of new entity spec to entity spec instance. (Fixes exporting of new entities)
  • Fixed import of exported 3.0.3 entities (entities without exported categories) in 3.0.4.
  • Fixed auto discovery finding updated transforms after those transforms were run (V2 matching rule was only set once transform was run).
  • Fixed transforms being removed when only a few transforms were updated during auto discovery.
The biggest fix was just the importing of entities - it looks fantastic now and we are loving the ability to export your entire Maltego config and set it up on another instance.

Get it as always over at http://www.paterva.com/web5/client/download.php#Commercial


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maltego 3.0.4 has just gone live...

Hi there,

We've have just uploaded Maltego 3.0.4! New splashscreen, [CSV, XLS direct import], export entire Maltego configuration, some minor bug fixes and all the usual goodness you come to expect from a new Maltego release. Go [grab] it now!


Friday, April 1, 2011

CSV,XLS(X) import in Maltego 3.0.4

We will be releasing Maltego 3.0.4 next week! It looks, feels and smells the same as 3.0.3. In fact, you might ask why we even bothered with a new release. The answer - CSV/XLS/XLSX import. Lots of people asked for it, and here it is!

Our spreadsheet importer is not perfect but I think it's a good start. As per usual we've had lots and lots of features that we could have implemented but didn't due to time constraints. We want to rather release something that is useful -but perhaps not perfect - than not releasing anything at all. If you like it let us know and we'll add features as we go along.

So - enough blah blah - let's see how it works. You start by clicking on the application button and go to the Import section.

You'll see there is a new option called 'Import graph from table'. This will take you to the file selection menu where you can choose the file to import (CSV, XLS, XLSX supported):

Once you've chosen the file to render you need to select colums and map them to entities. This is a simple process - just select the column and pick an entity type from the dropdown:

That's it - you are DONE! Now click 'Finish' and your graph is created:

In the example graph above we only chose two columns to map - so the graph is not exactly exiting (I think this shows email addresses and phone numbers of teachers in Canada - it's just a random CSV file we grabbed from the 'net).

Of course you can chose multiple colums and even map certain columns to an entity's additional fields. This is clearly useful when you have a 'first name' column and a 'last name' column but you want to map both to a single Person Entity. It's totally do-able - just use Control Click. But more about that when the official documentation is around.

If you want to quickly map a table and you don't care that the entity types make sense (you can always create your own entities first - but I am lazy) you can build a graph like this in about six clicks:

Here I looked what the Guild, Genus, Species and Family of some animals looks like when graphed. Uhmm...I mapped Genus to DNS Name and Guild to an AS number...lol...if you only want to see how everything is connected that's OK I guess ;) Click on the graph above to see a higher resolution view of it.

We're still struggling with some minor file format issues, but this should be done in a couple of days. Expect coolness next week some time.


PS: Also in 3.0.4 is export and import of your *entire* Maltego configuration. Useful if you've set up transform settings, seeds, servers etc. etc. and want your boy/girlfriend's install of Maltego to look and feel *exactly* the same...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Maltego product and 3.0.4 release dates

Hi there,

It's been a while. Sorry for that - we're slacking. Actually - we've been busy doing a couple of conferences. In February Chris and Andrew spoke at [IT Defense] in Frankfurt and a week later I spoke at [Hackcon] in Oslo. And we're getting ready to do Maltego [training] and a 3 hour [workshop] at BlackHat Barcelona. So there's that as an excuse. But this post is not only about excuses. No - after an awesome breakfast meeting at [Barn52] we've come to an agreement on the roadmap for Maltego in 2011 and I would like to share some of it with you, the reader..;)

Maltego 3.0.4 should be ready for release at the end of March 2011. The major feature in 3.0.4 is the direct import of spreadsheet files. Yup..eventually we get to do that - input is a spreadsheet and output is beautiful graph. Also think import and export of the entire Maltego configuration and license expiry notification (but those don't really count compared to XLSX and CSV import).

Once that is in place you'll see a split in the product. Think Maltego Lite. Although we all hate the word and we'll NEVER EVER call it that, it kind of describes what we have in mind quite well. Think Maltego without transforms but with lots of new, crisp entities, manual linking, link description, layouts, analysis and spreadsheet import, manual layouts, photo and document adding, annotations & bookmarking, graph merging etc. etc. All at a price that you can easily afford.

Of course, all of the (new) good stuff will go into the flagship 3.0.5 (or perhaps 3.1) as well and the idea is to release the two products at the same time. When can you expect this goodness? "Nou nou" - which in Afrikaans means anything between 10 minutes and 6 months.


PS: If you're in Barcelona come say 'Hi'. We're fairly friendly. We're on 5 days without incident...;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Maltego 3.0.3 - It's Alive!

Finally the slog is over, the performance release is here! This has to have been one of the easiest release schedules we have managed, besides for some small scale [flooding of the roads near us] this still counts as office hours.

This release offers a fantastic amount of stability and most importantly speed to Maltego - the devs have done an absolutely marvelous job! +++ to the Pienkies!!

Also - Roelof has edited our mangled together user guide and built a massive document describing all of the transforms. He even managed to slay some pretty hefty Word style dragons to get it here, so don't forget to [check it out] too. The updated Maltego user guide (looking very grown up) can be found there as well.

Finally - [get 3.0.3 now] - faster than you can scream "Lerooooy Jenkins!!"


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Maltego 3.0.3 release date


We're happy to announce that, if all goes according to plan, we'll be releasing Maltego 3.0.3 this coming Monday. What's new in 3.0.3 you may ask? A lot of bug fixes, and a loads of speed and performance improvements. But if we just say it you won't believe us. So for the first time - here is the raw, unedited changelog (in a small font, because it takes a lot of space)

Fixed speed issues in the Detail View caused by the quick filter. Let the Detail View update asynchronously to keep the GUI more responsive. Improved the speed of invert selection. Small painting speed improvement Improved the “get property from name” speed of Properties. Added a warning message and a “Show” button to the Properties View when more than 1000 nodes are selected. Greatly improved the speed & memory usage of the family selection actions. Performance improved when relayouting graph when transform results return (Mining view) Do not repaint links when associating MaltegoLink with yFiles edge (improves speed of transform results returned) Fixed bug where layouters continued when graph was closed Fixed Overview to update when the layout of the Organic Views change. Fixed Overview to update when the selection changes due to box selection or a change in the ExplorerManager selection. Run Smart Organic Layouter before Interactive Organic Layouter when more than 2k nodes changed. Improved speed of copy & paste (with links). (Big improvement) Speed Improvements to transform result merging. Let new entities spawn on-top of their parents instead of at the graph origin. Fixed multiple of the same transform messages showing in the output window. Fixed new entity custom icon always showing 16x16. When creating a new entity and the category have not been specified before finishing the wizard set the category to "My Entities". Small HTTP transform result processing speed improvement Do not close the graph when canceling the file browse save dialog after clicking the close button on a graph. Fixed bug where graph was still saved when clicking "No" on the overwrite file prompt. Hide the "Transformation type" page on the new transform wizard (for now). Show graph name instead of SaveCookie Java handle in saved status message. Let no entities be selected by default when exporting entities. Excluded the entity type from quick filter matches in the Entity List View. Fixed NullpointerException when trying to open the editor of a date property. Set focus to Graph View when syncing selection from Detail View. Set focus to Graph View after a find was performed on the graph. Set focus to Graph View after dragging an entity from the palette. Removed the "Add to palette" entry from the context menu. Zoom to 100% when double-clicking in Detail View to center on node. Added "Selection" under "Zoom to" ribbon menu button. Zoom to selection when syncing from Detail View. Zoom to selection when finding in graph. Show progress with aggregate progress bar. Progress indication is a lot more accurate (especially with many transforms/entities) and all transforms can be cancelled t once. Downside is individual transform progress bars are not shown and transforms can therefore not be cancelled individually. Use block layout instead of hierarchical layout after copying to new graph. Fixed rare ConcurrentModificationException when pasting. Fixed some copy & paste issues. (Not InterruptedException yet) Fixed IllegalStateException when calling new entity action. Transform Manager: Added delete option to context menu of Transform Servers. Transform Manager: Synchronize tabs when adding/deleting transforms or servers. Transform Manager: Removed "Copy" action for transforms. Removed "Description" column for seeds in the Discover Transforms wizard. Fixed load balancing issue where first server chosen was used for subsequent transforms even if the server does not have the transforms. Fixed IllegalStateException when working with the palette. Client now supports gzip compressed list transform responses Fixed exception (shown as empty message box) when editing any primitive array property. Fixed double[] properties being stored as float[]. Fixed floating point array property editor throwing exception when adding values. Replaced boolean "Port" property in Website entity with int[] "Ports" property. Fixed bug where default value of a property was lost during persistence if the default value of the property was the same as its corresponding type descriptor. Save find bar checkbox settings. Added "Zoom to results" checkbox to find bar. Fixed response code 400 from the server. Fixed exception when exporting entities on OSX. Set the xml "Value" entry of entities to not be compulsory and then remove entities which have null values from transform result. Without this change all entities are discarded because the xml parsing fails. Remove transforms not available on a TAS any more when rediscovering. Fixed progress bar and cancelling when starting transforms while other transforms are already running. Update the graph view when unfreezing a dirty view with pending new entities. Added a notification (like auto discovery) that fires when the graph is frozen and all transforms have completed. The notification has a link that updates the graph when clicked. Created a basic new entity wizard. Used as default. Advanced new entity wizard available from ribbon button drop-down menu. Set the default type for the main property in the New Entity wizard to String. Fixed progress bar staying at 0% when running a transform on more than 100 entities. Split the zoom to selection action from the "Zoom to" ribbon menu to its own button. Bound ctrl-shift-z to zoom to fit. Bound ctrl-shift-x to zoom to selection. Changed selected entities to be bright-red in the "sloppy drawing" mode so that they stand out more. Fixed Copy with links/neighbours in Detail View. (links were not preserved) Separated the idea of a "sample value" and "default value" for properties. Sample values only come from the palette. Default values are applied to properties when the property value is null (e.g. a transform does not return a value for the property) or when right-clicking in the property view and restoring the default value. For instance the sample value for the "First Names" property of a "Person" entity is "John" and for the "Surname" property its "Doe" but the default value for both properties is the default for a "string" property namely an empty string. Fixed Property View bug where calculated properties were not updated when changing one of the dependent properties. Fixed bug in the Property (entity double-click) dialog where calculated properties were not updated when hanging one of the dependent properties. Linked calculated properties to their dependent properties so that:- Calculated properties are recalculated when one of the dependent properties change. (Property view & dialog)- The dependent properties are cleared when setting the calculated property manually. (Property view & dialog)- The dependent properties take preference over the "value" property returned from a transform. If any of the dependent properties of the value property is returned then the value property uses the calculation instead of the value string returned. Changed all calculated properties to not be read-only by default. Split the value property into its dependent properties when editing the label of an entity. (when possible) Changed the CenterOnNodeAction of the Detail View to zoom to 75%, not 100%. Added a $trim() function to property calculations that trims leading and trailing whitespace and commas. $trim() the value properties of the Person, Location and PhoneNumber entities. Fixed "value may not be empty" error when running a transform that requires a string input that has not been specified. (caused by default/sample string value changes) Fixed image URLs after URL to FastURL changes. Fixed "Cannot find Java 1.5 or higher" error when launching Maltego in Windows with only the 64-bit JVM installed. Fixed the Maltego launcher to launch Maltego in the 64-bit JVM when a 32-bit and 64-bit JVM are installed. Build now also creates a 64-bit JRE bundled installer for Windows. Changed the installer to also check for the 64-bit JVM when using the 32-bit JRE bundled installer and a 32-bit JVM could not be found. Changed the installer to only check for the 64-bit JVM when using the 64-bit JRE bundled installer. Implemented a better fix for the Mac entity export issue. Changed WebTitle entity value property from “text” to “title” Removed 'formatted' field from PhoneNumber entity as it is replaced by the new 'smart calculated properties' Fixed URL images bugs. Fixed a bug in the loading of calculated property values when dependent fields are set. Zoom and center graph after "Clear All" action. Updated mappings of some rarely used fields of entities.

Yup, you get the idea. Lots and lots. Around the office we feel like we should really call this Maltego 1.0. We're very proud of 3.0.3. It's a milestone release.

More on Monday.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maltego Splash Screen Competition

Hey guys,

Due to some inter-office disagreement (ED C'mon let's be realistic - mine WAS really better if you think about it now) regarding the splash screens we have decided to open it up to the public in the form of a competition.

Basically, send us your awesomely crisp 380x320 px splash screen that you think will suit our fantastic new performance release (3.0.3). In return, if we decide to pick your splash screen you'll get a free one year license for the commercial product and your art work will be the first thing anyone sees when opening Maltego!

Dust off your Corel, Gimp and Photoshop and send your splash screen(s) to splashcompetition@paterva.com